Monday, September 8, 2014

7th and 8th Grade Homework 9/8-9/12 and New Writing Assignment

This week students have a nonfiction text practice. They should have a piece of text about Rachel Carson as well as a half sheet with the assignments to go with it. This is due Friday, 9/12. I have told them they are welcome to do all 4 mini assignments at once if they want, or they may pace them throughout the week. I have given my suggested sequence. See assignment below:

Nonfiction Homework Practice
Directions: This homework is to be turned in by turned in by Friday, September 12.
You may do it all at once or space it out over the course of the week.  Mrs. Coburn’s suggested sequence:
Monday: Read the article, make any notes to help you understand and underline important facts/details.
Tuesday: Reread or scan the article and answer the multiple choice questions.
Wednesday: Do the “Bonus” assignment.
Thursday: Create a graphic organizer for the article and review all your work!
Friday: Turn it in!

**All students were given a narrative writing assignment today in class. This includes an assignment sheet and a rubric. We started brainstorming today. We will be working on this predominantly in class, but students may work outside of school if they need extra time or fall behind.

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