Monday, February 9, 2015

Week of February 9-13

Hi all,

This week, we are ALL doing research!

7th graders are all doing research on their choice of an artist, mathematicians, or engineers. They will eventually begin work on a multi-genre paper.

8th graders are doing research on their top 3 colleges. They will eventually create a formal research paper and their own resume.

For both grades this is what we will be focusing on for the next TWO WEEKS. This is classwork, homework, EVERYTHING. What is not finished in class, will need to be worked on at home for homework.

ALL STUDENTS should have all of their research FINISHED when they arrive at class on Thursday. I will check all research that day and give a classwork grade.

The final products are due Monday, February 23.

**On another note, the OCS Writing Center will begin this Wednesday, February 11. This will be a place where students can come to get help from peers on any and all writing assignments. This is available 5th-8th grade. I encourage all students to give it a try! We will be open every Wednesday during Tiger Time and lunch! **


Mrs. Coburn